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Episode 27: Ellen Evert Hopman

Brian and Joy present our long-awaited interview with Ellen Evert Hopman, on the topics of Herbalism and Druidism.  Also discussed are many problems with Columbus Day, Native Americans and many things, as per usual.

There’s also a chance to win a copy of her forthcoming book, Secret Medicines from your Garden.  It will be given to one lucky listener who gets the trivia question correct.  Listen to the podcast to find instructions of where to go to get the trivia question and information on how to be in the drawing for a copy of Ellen’s book.

Episode 26: Pantheons

Pantheon of Olympian Gods

Well, this episode, Brian and Joy pontificate on Pantheons, and various topics touching on groups of deities.

As always they go off topic some, but it always comes back to the topic at hand.  So tune in and take a listen.

Resources talked about in the show include these:

Episode 23: Terms part 1

Well, in this episode we talk about terminology that may be confusing to those in the pagan community who haven’t heard them yet.  So here’s part 1, one third of the list.

There’s a bunch of terms we talk about, but Joy had a list and it was destroyed maliciously by a foe.

Look at the general post on here for an explanation and update on everything.




Episode 22: Tools in Depth

Tonight Brian and Joy talk about some of the things you should think about with your tools.

  • alternate uses for many (athame/boline/white handled knife, sword/athame, spear/staff)
  • DIY crafting (plates, statues, pentacles, deity reps and helmets/crowns)
  • places to get them
  • consecration and deconsecration
  • disguising tools in plain sight (weatherspoon)
  • Sword alternatives Old 80’s cast iron tin shit, BIG knife, machette
  • Athame alts pocket knife, finger, folding knife from self defense
  • Theory of consecration
  • First holy insense debate
  • Tools or no tools

Episode 21: Broom Closet, Family and Familiars

Today’s episode is dealing with your relatives, and others who are not Pagan.  The Broom Closet touches on that as it relates to how you deal with those family and friends.  At the end there is a bunch of information on Familiars and working with them and/or dealing with them.

Episode 20: Paganism at work

Sorry for the delay everyone!  Life got in the way and had to take care of several things and missed getting the episode up.

This episode is all about taking your belief to your workplace.

One thing is that we aren’t talking about the legal issues, there’s many other books that deal with that.  But listen for the various discussions in here.

Episode 19: Reality Check

And yet again, Brian and Joy bring you another episode.

This one is the reality you will face when you actually get into the community.

Discussion includes the reality of the groups and people in them, and Paid Pagan Clergy.

Please, if you are doing anything like driving where laughter may cause you harm, please stop the podcast at about 1:30 and listen through.  We get really silly there.