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Episode 22: Tools in Depth

Episode 22: Tools in Depth
Magical Musings
Magical Musings
Episode 22: Tools in Depth

Tonight Brian and Joy talk about some of the things you should think about with your tools.

  • alternate uses for many (athame/boline/white handled knife, sword/athame, spear/staff)
  • DIY crafting (plates, statues, pentacles, deity reps and helmets/crowns)
  • places to get them
  • consecration and deconsecration
  • disguising tools in plain sight (weatherspoon)
  • Sword alternatives Old 80’s cast iron tin shit, BIG knife, machette
  • Athame alts pocket knife, finger, folding knife from self defense
  • Theory of consecration
  • First holy insense debate
  • Tools or no tools
  • crash kits (portable altar)
  • Intelligent substitutions for tools
  • How necessary is elaborate?
  • Multiple of the same tool
  • adding to tools to make it multifunction (my staff as an example)
  • replacement of tools
  • Disposable tools (incense, candles, salt, water, libations, fire)
  • associations of the tools? Air, Earth, Fire, Water and debates thereof (is an athame air or fire? All of them?)
  • Best to come up with a concept you feel comfortable with, and structure your tools to conform to that. Ex my Leather/Lace altar and tools for it
  • Deity representations (pictures, statuary, murals, crowns/helms)


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