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Episode 27: Ellen Evert Hopman

Episode 27: Ellen Evert Hopman
Magical Musings
Magical Musings
Episode 27: Ellen Evert Hopman

Brian and Joy present our long-awaited interview with Ellen Evert Hopman, on the topics of Herbalism and Druidism.  Also discussed are many problems with Columbus Day, Native Americans and many things, as per usual.

There’s also a chance to win a copy of her forthcoming book, Secret Medicines from your Garden.  It will be given to one lucky listener who gets the trivia question correct.  Listen to the podcast to find instructions of where to go to get the trivia question and information on how to be in the drawing for a copy of Ellen’s book.

Ellen Evert Hopman’s blog
Wikipedia page 
Facebook page
Twitter page
Ellen Evert Hopman’s Author Page on Amazon

21 Lessons of Merlin critique with Ellen’s essay
The Little Flowers of St Francis
Native American Medicianal plants

Secret Medicines from your Garden

The Order of White Oak
Tribe of the Oak

Christopher Columbus Day accusations
Movement to change it to Indigenous Peoples day
treaty breaking by US government
Native American Residential Schools
Rupert Ross books
Trail of Tears
A people’s history of the United States Zinn
Fellowship of Isis
Druid clan of Dana
Triumph of the Moon
The Evidence for Female Druids by Ellen Evert Hopman
Henge of Keltria Origins
Henge of Keltria

Hildegard of Bingen Wikipedia Page


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