The glorious lamp of Heaven, the Sun, the higher he’s a-getting…

Sincere apologies for the passage of so many moons since we last had a post on the site. We received a comment from a visitor, regarding the eventual loss of interest in the site, if we didn’t pick-up the ball and post again.

The Wheel of the Year is ever turning, and with the the Vernal Equinox only a week away, I’m eagerly laying plans for the bright season, this year to include participation in a beekeeping course, as well as a fresh start on the OBOD Bardic Course, after life has been stepping all-over my previous efforts.

Old Time is Still A-Flying…

Many moons have passed since we last posted updates about life and whatnot… A surprising number, in-fact… I apologise for my unavailability in all that time.

To let you know, I’ve tried again to run a Tumblr blog, but was again shut-down. As such, I’m exploring, as an alternative, though I’m just getting familiar with the site, particularly the blog feature, so I’m not posting a link, yet.

Quite a while ago, I spoke to Sallie-Ann Glassman, and will be getting in touch with her again soon, to see if she’s available in the new year to do a show with us about Louisiana Voodoo.

I’m no longer on Tumblr…

Tumblr seems to disagree with some of the things I’ve been saying on shared blogs and side blogs, so they deleted my account. To be honest, I’d been contemplating leaving Tumblr, anyway.

Censorship be praised… xD

Anyway, you can still hit me up here, and on the MM forum, or by email:

I’ll keep everyone posted about my successful requests for guests. Hopefully Joy and I will be able to record another show soon. Without Tumblr, I find myself enjoying a lot more free time. *chuckle*

Episode 28, The Long Dark Time of the Soul

Magical Musings
Magical Musings
Episode 28, The Long Dark Time of the Soul


Today Brian and Joy talk about the Long Dark Time of the Soul and how to deal with it.

Why it is a good thing in your life.

How you can put it off if you must.

How you can recover from it

No rest for the weary

Well, you may have noticed the dearth of shows from Brian and I, and that’s because life kicks us in the teeth.

I FINALLY got settled into my home, got a new cat, dealt with financial crises, sweated and anguished over the political stuff coming out of all the states lately, and so on.  I’m sure Brian will add what he has had happening to him lately soon.

Paganism: Its Meaning to Me

An anonymous question came to my blog, a couple of years ago, requesting some perspective from me about paganism:

Could you explain what paganism means to you and why it’s important to keep relevant? I always hear the word with such negative connotations and I’d be interested in hearing your views on it.

I replied:

Certainly, I understand the popular misconceptions of what it means to be pagan, particularly if one has come from a background that condemns outside views—enter almost any mainstream religion…

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  • Research: Reading lore, studying history and focusing on how others have bonded in the past can deepen your own bond.
  • Offerings: Leaving gifts or foods you’ve made or cooked shows passion and effort that many deities seem to appreciate.
  • Divination: Using tarot cards or pendulums or writing or dreaming can be way to interpret deities.
  • Journals: Whether for yourself or for your deity journals are a good way to review past experiences.
  • Crafts: Whenever making something by hand the time you spend and efforts you put in the details help make connections.