Okay, here’s the news.

1) we went over our bandwidth.  Apparently there’s some sites that are pulling our podcasts and it was using all of our space up.  Interesting thing is that it was the most recent episode that was killing it totally.

2)  It’s more important now than ever that you support the website at magicalmusings.net because I just lost my job.  Having to pay for additional bandwidth and the standard maintenance is going to become YOUR responsibility, because right now I don’t have the money.

Updates about MagicalMusings

Well, we have had a few people contact me about what’s going on here.

This is what:  Life.

See, I got evicted from my home of 5 years, and had to move.  So that took lots of time out of my schedule and that messed everything up.

In other words, life happened and it was easier to let this slide than to keep stressing about getting up shows and editing them and more.  So, here’s the deal.

Show delay

Once again nature comes out of nowhere and kicks my backside hard.

In other words, I’m somewhat sick.

Sick enough that this hobby podcast is going to have to take a back seat for a week while I recover.  So, don’t worry, the show will go on, and we will give you the show NEXT Thursday.