Episode 26: Pantheons

Pantheon of Olympian Gods

Well, this episode, Brian and Joy pontificate on Pantheons, and various topics touching on groups of deities.

As always they go off topic some, but it always comes back to the topic at hand.  So tune in and take a listen.

Resources talked about in the show include these:

More Altar stuff

Well, I keep coming across more and more stuff that I have. So since we FINALLY found a home, we decided to set up our house altar again.

This is it.  It is along the way that is the exact center of the house, and I hope you recognize everything.

WP_20150920_20_13_50_Raw WP_20150920_20_14_04_Raw

My ordination is hanging on the wall to the left.  Staff and Stang in the corner to the right.  There’s also a Shakuhachi in that corner that my daughter plays.  Our coven Sword is there too.

Details of some of the altar tools:

WP_20150920_17_42_48_Raw WP_20150920_17_42_37_Raw WP_20150920_17_41_37_Raw WP_20150920_17_42_11_Raw

Upcoming Shows

Just a selection of items that we will be doing shows on in the future, but not sure when.

  • Herbalism
  • Rituals and covens in virtual space (with Ma’at)
  • Mabon
  • Lughsnaddah
  • Litha
  • Pagan Parenting
  • Pantheons of deities (as in commonalities and “jobs”)
  • Everyday objects as divination and omens (featuring the paperclip bones)
  • A show with Lupa (of some sort)

Just to give you all an idea of what to look forward to.

Next recording:  Mabon.