Is it wrong to set requirements for membership in a group?

A follower on my blog once asked:

Don’t you think that inclusivity and making-space for other people (social politics) have a place in paganism? I often find that there is not enough of this intersectionality.

Truth be told, I’m not a supporter of mandatory and unconditional inclusiveness. My answer to her was:

The Weather Spoon

This is the text of “The Weather Spoon” written by Mary the Goddess of All Research. Please enjoy and comment if you like it.

Once, there was a magic wand that wasn’t.

The witch who created it loved air and water. She adored all kinds of water and air, every sort of weather. It was her special magic.

She loved to cook too because she didn’t make a magic wand, she made a weather spoon!

Now as we all know, every witch goes to school to learn. The final test, before she is given her diploma of witchery is to make her very own magic wand.

Episode 22: Tools in Depth


Tonight Brian and Joy talk about some of the things you should think about with your tools.

  • alternate uses for many (athame/boline/white handled knife, sword/athame, spear/staff)
  • DIY crafting (plates, statues, pentacles, deity reps and helmets/crowns)
  • places to get them
  • consecration and deconsecration
  • disguising tools in plain sight (weatherspoon)
  • Sword alternatives Old 80’s cast iron tin shit, BIG knife, machette
  • Athame alts pocket knife, finger, folding knife from self defense
  • Theory of consecration
  • First holy insense debate
  • Tools or no tools

More Paganism at work

These are some pictures I took at various times back like 15 years ago of my work areas that displayed my paganism and Wiccan self for all to see, while not being blatant in someone’s faces.  Enjoy.



This was my work space.  You can note that I have the plant up in the upper right corner, and the holiday display on my desk at the lower right.  The picture in the center is my daughter, and yes, at this point I smoked.


My plant, the pathos.  This is an older version of the pictured plant.  It’s dead now, but I loved it.

Episode 21: Broom Closet, Family and Familiars


Today’s episode is dealing with your relatives, and others who are not Pagan.  The Broom Closet touches on that as it relates to how you deal with those family and friends.  At the end there is a bunch of information on Familiars and working with them and/or dealing with them.