Episode 20: Paganism at work

Mother Nature and Father Nature work on design concepts.

Sorry for the delay everyone!  Life got in the way and had to take care of several things and missed getting the episode up.

This episode is all about taking your belief to your workplace.

One thing is that we aren’t talking about the legal issues, there’s many other books that deal with that.  But listen for the various discussions in here.

Upcoming Shows

Okay, as it stands now, Brian and I will be recording the newest show on Monday the 12th. It will be a show on Religion in the Workplace. This is so that Brian has more time to research the Herbalism show.

We really REALLY want to get that one right. I’m not enough of an herbalist to correct on the fly, so I’m going to let Brian take care of all that and do the skull sweat on it.

Don’t draw it

Had a situation on the New Year that I thought you might like to hear about.

Tl;dr, a friend of a friend was having problems with some spirits in her house.  They were frightening her 3 year old.

Turns out, the spirits were there only because the mother thought they should be.

See, she *knew* something was wrong.  She *knew* she was having problems with spirits.  She *knew* her 3 year old was being bothered by those same spirits.  So, +POOF+ the universe provided that for her.

Reality Check!


Just in time for Yule, you get an episode from Brian and Joy about getting a Reality Check.  It discusses the people you would meet in the community and Paid Pagan Clergy debate.  If you are driving, we advise pulling over when you get to about an Hour and 30 minutes in, there’s a segment there that gets really silly.  Totally potty jokes at that point.


Episode 19: Reality Check


And yet again, Brian and Joy bring you another episode.

This one is the reality you will face when you actually get into the community.

Discussion includes the reality of the groups and people in them, and Paid Pagan Clergy.

Please, if you are doing anything like driving where laughter may cause you harm, please stop the podcast at about 1:30 and listen through.  We get really silly there.

My Gratitude to Joy

In our upcoming episode, which Joy is presently working to edit and upload, she took the time to express gratitude for the opportunity to do Tarot Talk, which has led us down the path to this website and our continued work together. The time-delay between Joy’s and my talking prevented me from saying how grateful I am to her for taking-up the offer to do a tarot show, the subsequent MM series, and for doing the editing each episode, and maintaining the website. Thanks, Joy. I hope we have the chance to continue our work together for a long time to come.