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The glorious lamp of Heaven, the Sun, the higher he’s a-getting…

Sincere apologies for the passage of so many moons since we last had a post on the site. We received a comment from a visitor, regarding the eventual loss of interest in the site, if we didn’t pick-up the ball and post again.

The Wheel of the Year is ever turning, and with the the Vernal Equinox only a week away, I’m eagerly laying plans for the bright season, this year to include participation in a beekeeping course, as well as a fresh start on the OBOD Bardic Course, after life has been stepping all-over my previous efforts.

I’m planting the beginnings of a herb-garden, and making inquiry into the available courses at a couple of herbal and alternative-healing colleges in Western Canada, with a mind to pursuing the healer’s path, as I have been heart-led to do since boyhood, though often unsure of my steps in the face of criticism about my “weird” interests, and my unwillingness to conform to the mainstream consumer culture.

My ultimate plan is to step off the hamster-wheel entirely, and to make a living as a wood-carver, part-time writer, and healer–with possible forays into the world of workshop-presentations. In preparation, I’m working on reconnecting to my aboriginal artistic heritage, and opening myself to the flow of inspiration that comes from a connection to the natural world, beyond the intellectual.

As for the podcast…I think Joy and I could use some suggestions for topics you’d like to hear us discuss.


Brian is an Animist, with Naturalistic-Pantheist leanings, exploring Transpersonal and Ecopsychology. He has a lifelong fascination with myth and folklore, comparative religion, herbs, beekeeping, and rites of passage.

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