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Old Time is Still A-Flying…

Many moons have passed since we last posted updates about life and whatnot… A surprising number, in-fact… I apologise for my unavailability in all that time.

To let you know, I’ve tried again to run a Tumblr blog, but was again shut-down. As such, I’m exploring Minds.com, as an alternative, though I’m just getting familiar with the site, particularly the blog feature, so I’m not posting a link, yet.

Quite a while ago, I spoke to Sallie-Ann Glassman, and will be getting in touch with her again soon, to see if she’s available in the new year to do a show with us about Louisiana Voodoo.

As for the most-recent news about my own life: I’ve been doing a LOT of reading on the subjects of Christian theology and liturgy, Ancient Egyptian and Hellenic religion and myth, and revisiting a recurring interest in Norse and Germanic mythology. I’ve been thinking a great deal about the myths and legends that are the foundations of Western culture, and have been thinking over the matter of forming a spiritual community to discuss and enact certain tales at certain times of year, with sufficient pageantry and ceremony to satisfy even those without an inner life, or understanding of rudimentary mythology.

In addition, I’m cobbling together the beginnings of a “devotional” that discusses the myths, legends, and literature which have depths to plumb, and to discover the incredible heritage of the West, without necessarily believing literally in the gods and heroes depicted.

For a time, I was really considering becoming a Christian again, because of a realisation I had, that Christianity is simply the most-recent face of an ancient mystery tradition, and that becoming a pastor, with an appropriate understanding of Christian mythos and liturgy, would allow me to profoundly awaken a badly-damaged tradition.

At any rate, I’m gonna see about getting back in touch with Joy, to see what we can do about reviving our show.


Brian is an Animist, with Naturalistic-Pantheist leanings, exploring Transpersonal and Ecopsychology. He has a lifelong fascination with myth and folklore, comparative religion, herbs, beekeeping, and rites of passage.

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