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Old Time is Still A-Flying…

Many moons have passed since we last posted updates about life and whatnot… A surprising number, in-fact… I apologise for my unavailability in all that time.

To let you know, I’ve tried again to run a Tumblr blog, but was again shut-down. As such, I’m exploring, as an alternative, though I’m just getting familiar with the site, particularly the blog feature, so I’m not posting a link, yet.

Quite a while ago, I spoke to Sallie-Ann Glassman, and will be getting in touch with her again soon, to see if she’s available in the new year to do a show with us about Louisiana Voodoo.

Paganism: Its Meaning to Me

An anonymous question came to my blog, a couple of years ago, requesting some perspective from me about paganism:

Could you explain what paganism means to you and why it’s important to keep relevant? I always hear the word with such negative connotations and I’d be interested in hearing your views on it.

I replied:

Certainly, I understand the popular misconceptions of what it means to be pagan, particularly if one has come from a background that condemns outside views—enter almost any mainstream religion…

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  • Research: Reading lore, studying history and focusing on how others have bonded in the past can deepen your own bond.
  • Offerings: Leaving gifts or foods you’ve made or cooked shows passion and effort that many deities seem to appreciate.
  • Divination: Using tarot cards or pendulums or writing or dreaming can be way to interpret deities.
  • Journals: Whether for yourself or for your deity journals are a good way to review past experiences.
  • Crafts: Whenever making something by hand the time you spend and efforts you put in the details help make connections.

More Altar stuff

Well, I keep coming across more and more stuff that I have. So since we FINALLY found a home, we decided to set up our house altar again.

This is it.  It is along the wall that is the exact center of the house, and I hope you recognize everything.

WP_20150920_20_13_50_Raw WP_20150920_20_14_04_Raw

My ordination is hanging on the wall to the left.  Staff and Stang in the corner to the right.  There’s also a Long Wooden Meditation Flute in that corner that my daughter plays.  Our coven Sword is there too.

Details of some of the altar tools: