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More Altar stuff

Well, I keep coming across more and more stuff that I have. So since we FINALLY found a home, we decided to set up our house altar again.

This is it.  It is along the wall that is the exact center of the house, and I hope you recognize everything.

WP_20150920_20_13_50_Raw WP_20150920_20_14_04_Raw

My ordination is hanging on the wall to the left.  Staff and Stang in the corner to the right.  There’s also a Long Wooden Meditation Flute in that corner that my daughter plays.  Our coven Sword is there too.

Details of some of the altar tools:

WP_20150920_17_42_48_Raw WP_20150920_17_42_37_Raw

WP_20150920_17_41_37_Raw WP_20150920_17_42_11_Raw

These are shots of the bone athame that Lupa made for me.  It’s now Mary’s ritual athame.  The blue leather is how she wrapped it.

WP_20150920_17_39_50_Raw WP_20150920_17_40_54_Raw

WP_20150920_17_40_37_Raw WP_20150920_17_40_26_Raw

Four shots of the Offering Bowl that Lupa also made.

These next shots are of some of the tools that we as a family made at a Pottery Barn one day out.  Front/back shots.

WP_20150920_17_46_37_Raw WP_20150920_17_46_48_Raw

  WP_20150920_17_45_29_Raw WP_20150920_17_45_39_Raw

  WP_20150920_18_00_16_Raw WP_20150920_18_00_24_Raw

On the offering plate for Cakes and Ale, that’s supposed to be a Pineapple (used in Victorian times to show prosperity).

Last, these are miscellaneous items that grace our altar from time to time.

WP_20150920_17_44_45_Raw WP_20150920_17_45_01_Raw

The first is some of the oil lanterns we have, thrifted from various places.  Fill with oil or liquid paraffin, and you have a light. The second is a mango-wood round box we use as the salt cellar for the altar.  The things on top are bells, and they jingle when you open them.  Right now there is Himalayan Pink Sea Salt in there, a gift to us from the previous occupants of this house (read, left behind as unwanted).


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