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Joy is a Seax-Wican Priestess, a Druid and a Witch. She owns Erin's Journal and is present on a lot of places, most notably Tumblr, Dreamwidth and some email forums. She's co-host of Magical Musings podcasts.
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  • New Episode soon., 19 Apr 2016 in Articles

    Brian and I just got done recording a new episode yesterday. I’m going to edit today and I”ll try to get it up this week. Look forward to it.

  • No rest for the weary, 06 Apr 2016 in Admin

    Well, you may have noticed the dearth of shows from Brian and I, and that’s because life kicks us in the teeth.

    I FINALLY got settled into my home, got a new cat, dealt with financial crises, sweated and anguished over the political stuff coming out of all the states lately, and so on.  I’m sure Brian will add what he has had happening to him lately soon.

  • Reposted from Tumblr, 15 Jan 2016 in Articles


    • Research: Reading lore, studying history and focusing on how others have bonded in the past can deepen your own bond.
    • Offerings: Leaving gifts or foods you’ve made or cooked shows passion and effort that many deities seem to appreciate.
    • Divination: Using tarot cards or pendulums or writing or dreaming can be way to interpret deities.
    • Journals: Whether for yourself or for your deity journals are a good way to review past experiences.
    • Crafts: Whenever making something by hand the time you spend and efforts you put in the details help make connections.
  • Nothing Truer than this, 30 Oct 2015 in Articles


  • Ellen Evert Hopman, 24 Oct 2015 in Articles

    Well, the long awaited interview with Ellen Evert Hopman is done and posted!  Go and listen.  Pay attention for your chance to win a copy of Ellen’s book Secret Medicines from your Garden!

  • More Altar stuff, 21 Sep 2015 in Articles

    Well, I keep coming across more and more stuff that I have. So since we FINALLY found a home, we decided to set up our house altar again.

    This is it.  It is along the wall that is the exact center of the house, and I hope you recognize everything.

    WP_20150920_20_13_50_Raw WP_20150920_20_14_04_Raw

    My ordination is hanging on the wall to the left.  Staff and Stang in the corner to the right.  There’s also a Long Wooden Meditation Flute in that corner that my daughter plays.  Our coven Sword is there too.

    Details of some of the altar tools:

  • Upcoming Shows, 03 Sep 2015 in Admin

    Just a selection of items that we will be doing shows on in the future, but not sure when.

    • Herbalism
    • Rituals and covens in virtual space (with Ma’at)
    • Mabon
    • Lughsnaddah
    • Litha
    • Pagan Parenting
    • Pantheons of deities (as in commonalities and “jobs”)
    • Everyday objects as divination and omens (featuring the paperclip bones)
    • A show with Lupa (of some sort)

    Just to give you all an idea of what to look forward to.

    Next recording:  Mabon.

  • A Druid’s Staff, 14 Aug 2015 in Articles


    This is the staff that Daven (my former sacred identity, I use Erin now) uses in his rituals. Take a look and find out what everything is and why its there.

    I mention “the Sage”. This is a link to him http://groo.com/sage.html
    A good picture of The Sage and the bottle on his staff.

  • Thrifting, 14 Jun 2015 in Articles

    I know that Brian and I have mentioned in multiple shows that thrifting for your altar decorations and tools is one way to go.

    It’s nice to have several thousand dollars of tools that are exactly what you want, but I went out over the past two days just looking around in the various local thrift shops, and if I found something that I think could make good altar decorations or working tools, I took a picture of it, and now I’m sharing them all with you.

    I’ll make comments on them as I come to the photo.

  • News about Joy, 10 Jun 2015 in Articles

    Long time listeners will realize that I have been kinda on the edge of disaster recently.  First was the eviction from our home of 5 years due to finances and losing a job.  We moved in with a roommate and things have gone progressively downhill.

    I’m not going to go into all the sordid details of our stay there, just imagine the worst possible situation of financial and emotional abuse and you have what Mary and I were living through in the past 11 months.  We tried to get out of there, but every time we got ahead we somehow got behind even more.