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Episode 25: Terms Part 3

Episode 25:  Terms Part 3

And now we come to the long awaited final episode of the Terms group.

Because of how it’s been set up, there’s not many terms, but there is a lot talking about terms for the Fay and Beasties.

Also Brian and Joy get somewhat impassioned about Vegans.



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  • Brian Brian says:

    The documentary about fairies to which I referred in this episode: https://youtu.be/vX-XuP-SrZ4

  • Avatar Rebecca says:

    Just have to say “check out the Vegan rant.” I think they are right on target according to my experience. This is long but what the heck. Speaking of the “cruelty” to the sows: they will eat their piglets. The piglets also are born with teeth which have to be clipped to keep them from chewing up the mom and each other. As for the hunters who hunt for food: granted its creepy to go to a friend’s and walk past the deer hanging from the garage rafters, without the deer they are “hurtin’ for certain”. A deer tag is a lot cheaper than hamburger. I know they take every scrap of meat off it they can and hides can be donated. This family also has large garden and cans lots of veggies but you can’t count on a large harvest.

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