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Yule Show is up!

Well, it was a good show.  Live and it went out on Blog Talk Radio, and is now available here.

The site has the links and the items that we were discussing in the show.

A few announcements.

  1. For the new year we are moving the show off BlogTalkRadio completely as a cost saving measure, as well as we are not needing things like the live chatroom or the call in number.  So as a result of that why should we pay for features that we don’t use?
  2. As a result of this, the show will no longer be live.  All of them will be pre-recorded and broadcast at a later period.  They will still be archived here.
  3. We are also moving the format from each week to every other week.
  4. We are considering changing the time of broadcast to a bit later in the day.

This is going to force us to have an iTunes account to stream the broadcast from and the publication on other podcast sites as well.  Don’t worry, we’ll get it set up so that it works right, but it will take us a bit to do so.

As always you can find the show here, no matter the time it was originally sent out into the world.  We still encourage you all to share the podcasts around and come back and listen to them, and to (above all) comment and talk to us about those shows.  We know a lot, but are not experts in everything at any rate.  So feedback is wonderful, we look forward to it and we try to make sure we are approachable.


Joy is a Seax-Wican Priestess, a Druid and a Witch. She owns Erin's Journal and is present on a lot of places, most notably Tumblr, Dreamwidth and some email forums. She's co-host of Magical Musings podcasts.

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