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Want to be Green, but don’t think you can do it?

One of the easiest ways to be more green these days is to use less energy.  Turning off the lights if you don’t use them, removing the chargers from the plugs so they aren’t doing vampire draws, turning your heat to 68 deg F or your Air Conditioning to 72 deg F are all good starts.  Solar and renewable sources of energy like wind and hydroelectric or geothermal energy are good sources, but we could all do with less energy used, especially those of us who are PAYING for it.

The current recommendations are that you use these fluorescent lightbulbs instead of incandescent.  They use the same technology that has been around for decades in office lighting.  Or you could put yourself into debt and replace all your lightbulbs with the super bright LED lights they have now.  Yes, they pay for themselves eventually, but it does take time to get those returns, and a Pagan on a budget doesn’t always have the wherewithal to be able to purchase them up front.

Enter with a chorus of trumpets, the after Christmas Sale.

First, look what I did.


It’s a string of 200 LED lights used to light up the trees in the yard, or the house, or whatever.   Normally $6 for a string of 50, in the post Christmas sales I got four of them for $12.  With the $3 extension cord, I now have low energy, long lasting lighting that gives a nice accent to our room.

It took some time to put them up with all the stapling, but that’s easy.  Green for less than the cost of one replacement LED bulb for my lamp.  Not bad.

I’m planning on getting the bright white lights instead of the cool white bulbs, but that will require a trip to a specialty store, investment of several hundred dollars, and more time than I have right now.  I can turn off the incandescents and know that I’m saving some energy.  With as mild as the winters have been getting, I might even be able to turn off the heat too.

But hey, Global Catastrophic Climate Change isn’t REALLY a thing, is it?




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