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Updates to Orphalese Tarot

Well, as promised from my review page, here’s a post about the updates going on to Orphalese Tarot.

  1. The program was down for some time due to the main sharing servers getting hacked and as a result the network sharing option, the P2P deck and spread sharing, was taken offline.  That meant that the features for the paid version were useless and as such it became free for a while.  You could download the program, but you would only have access to the programs features that were part of the package.
  2. Things like building decks were still possible, and I did it with the Ukiyoe Tarot.  You get the card scans and can use the XML file to put the card meanings into the program.
  3. Things turned around recently.  The problem with the server being hacked was solved and those network features are back on line.  As of this writing there are 1700+ decks shared and about three dozen spreads being shared (and I’ve been contributing to that a little bit).
  4. The program’s author is a wonderful person.  He charges $26.00 for a single machine license, and if you want to upgrade to a multiple machine license, it’s another $26.00.  So for the cost of two physical decks, you can get a program you can run on up to three machines (for example, your home PC, your laptop and an iPad).  But even better than that, he has a “tanked economy discount”.  On your honor, if you have been out of work for a while, if you are having problems paying your bills, he will give you an additional 40% discount to the purchase price.  Yeah, rockin!
  5. One MAJOR correction to the review, I mention that there’s no mechanism in the program to select significators or to look at combination of cards in the deck and so on.  This is incorrect.  In my zeal to get the review out, I missed the “Free Selection” option in the program which will fan out all the cards and you can go through them looking for a specific card, the bottom card, the cards around another and so on.  So this is something that makes things much better.

http://www.orphalese.net/index.aspx This is the link for the website to download the program.  On the left is a link to the forum where the various community people post and discuss things about the program, the decks and so on.

But the take away from this is that the program is back up, working correctly and how it should again.  So go download it, use it, try it, then register it and spread the word.


Joy is a Seax-Wican Priestess, a Druid and a Witch. She owns Erin's Journal and is present on a lot of places, most notably Tumblr, Dreamwidth and some email forums. She's co-host of Magical Musings podcasts.

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  • Linda says:

    Hi Joy, thanks for the update.

    Did you know that version 10 has just been released (August 2016)? It would be awesome for you to download it and provide another updated review.

    Version 10 includes some brilliant new features (including the ability to create Deck subsets, and Deck Collections, and to nominate whether the 8th or 11th Major Tarot Card is Strength or Justice, and that’s just a few). The Menus, Options/Settings and many other windows have been revamped to make it a lot easier to navigate.

    So, there is the ability to show the Deck as a pile, or in a fanned formation; you can shuffle and/or sort the Deck in a number of ways. The Cards can be dealt Face-up or Face-down. Clicking on the Deck deals the Card, which can then be dragged anywhere on the Desktop. You can create two sets of Card Notes (Little White Book and Personal) and have them display on the screen when you hover the mouse over a Card. You can save the Reading (including Card Notes) and then email it to a friend. This is a great journaling tool for when you are starting on your Tarot journey.

    You can create Deck subsets (which is like splitting your Deck into mini Decks). This is awesome if you want to separate the Majors from the Minors and the Wands from the Cups etc; or in Oracle Decks, you can separate the suits. You can create Deck Collections (which is basically a way of grouping Decks). You can load the Collections and/or Subset Decks to the screen at the same time and draw Cards from each. Loading a Deck Collection allows you to deal Cards then, switch to another Deck to see how the same layout looks with the different Cards.

    You can even create and save a Spread, using multiple Decks or Subsets. My all-time favourite feature is the Compare Cards Tool, especially important if you are learning the Tarot and want to view the same Card from different Decks so you can get an understanding of how different artists have interpreted the Card.

    Orphalese now has an extensive Help website (www.orphalesehelp.com) and an Orphalese Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/OrphaleseTarot/) page. Plus, there’s some YouTube tutorials (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCo0qoQZIOdl6PzckdDgeNWA) on how to use the software.

    The Orphalese Software is still available for free in the trial version (limit of three Decks) but when you register, you receive an unlock code that opens access to everything, including a file exchange with more than 1000 files (Spreads, Card Notes, Backgrounds, and Decks). Seriously worth registering the software as you said, it costs around the same price as a Deck.

    Cheers purple_scorp

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