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Technical trouble

Hey Everyone!

Well, the gods of the Perverse are alive and well and all over us.  What we thought would be a simple record and set broadcast has turned into a three ring circus that has both Brian and I pulling our hair out.  Technology hates us.

Because this is my wedding anniversary, Mary wanted me to spend the day with her.  Because we decided to skip last week’s episode, and because there is no episode scheduled for next week due to Thanksgiving, we were bound and determined to record this weeks episode and broadcast it as a recording at the regular time tonight.

Well, after recording the episode TWICE, we still don’t have the recording.

So, our choices are these:

  1. Forget the recording and do the show live (and piss Mary off)
  2. Skip the show all together and just do it tomorrow
  3. Try to record it again with various other techniques (both of us record our side of the convo, and we sync it up in post)
  4. Skip the show completely for this week, leaving you all without a show for three weeks solid.

I can’t really think of anything else.

If you have an opinion of what we should do, or you can think of an alternative to these four options, or you can think of a software recording Skype Calls we can use, please comment here.  Or if you have an extra $100 for a license of the one software that did work, then let us know in the comments.

We have tried the following programs:

  • Evayer (license expired, need the money to renew)
  • CallGraph
  • MP3 Skype Recorder

We absolutely HAVE to get off Blog Talk Radio.  There’s a delay due to going through Skype and then through the BTR interface, so we end up talking over each other and getting an echo in the recording.  Plus Brian is paying to have a two hour show out of his pocket instead of the half hour that they give for “free” (with their branding).  It also slows down both of our computers and that causes more delays, the audio drops out, and we want this to be a quality broadcast so you come back.

Any thoughts would be great.


Joy is a Seax-Wican Priestess, a Druid and a Witch. She owns Erin's Journal and is present on a lot of places, most notably Tumblr, Dreamwidth and some email forums. She's co-host of Magical Musings podcasts.

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