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Episode 1: Site Opening and Druidism

Episode 1: Site Opening and Druidism
Magical Musings
Magical Musings
Episode 1: Site Opening and Druidism

Tonight’s discussion was on Druidsm and Druidry

  • history
  • Druidism and druidry
  • what we do know
  • students 20 years
  • bards ovates brehons and druid
  • RDNA/OBOD/ADF/Keltria
  • Bardic info (real bards)
  • magic and divination
  • sacrifices
  • triune thought

Also there was all the standard Brian and Joy segues into various other topics that touch on all this.

Take a listen.

http://erinsjournal.com     Joy’s big website

http://celtic-rebirth.tumblr.com    Brian’s blog

http://rdna.info  Reformed Druids of North America’s website

http://adf.org  Ár nDraíocht Féin: A Druid Fellowship

http://keltria.org  The Henge of Keltria

http://druidry.org    OBOD

http://www.neopagan.net/   Isaac Bonewits’ website

http://youtu.be/jzd__gyJ3yo  The Occult Experience on YouTube


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