Episode 15; Energy Work

Energy work

The force
where the energy comes from
Lackey’s Ley Lines
drain into the astral and come back

7 elements/colors/associations/correspondences
Air, Earth, Fire, Water, Sun, Moon, and Stars
positive/negative sides

common sense


channeling to spells

power sink
energy battery
charging items

Episode 12: On Books

Why books?

  • Avail 24/7
  • a bookmark lets you pick back up right where you stopped
  • Can have “lessons” many months apart
  • learn at your own pace.
  • adjusts to your schedule, not someone else’s
  • portable


  • only one way to learn, can’t try again if what you got is unexpected.
  • can’t ask it questions
  • “popular” books are not always “good” books

What makes a bad book?

  • Self-referencing
  • word count without saying much.
  • repeating the same statements over and over just worded differently

Episode 10: Reincarnation

This week join Brian and Joy in their two hour discussion about reincarnation, the theories, the way it works, and how different pagan religions view reincarnation.

  • Wiccan Reincarnation
  • Norse and Northern Tradition reincarnation
  • Christianity and reincarnation
  • Some theories of reincarnation and how it operates
  • Bridey Murphy
  • Arguments against Reincarnation

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