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Episode 7: The Wicca Show

Episode 7: The Wicca Show
Magical Musings
Magical Musings
Episode 7: The Wicca Show

Basics of Wicca

  • what is it
  • short history
  • duotheistic
  • magic and spellcraft
  • cycle of the year (8 sabbats, 13 esbats)

Notable groups
Outer court and Inner court
Focus on the God and Goddess as the Yin and Yang priciple

What wicca is not
Wicca =/= witchcraft (one religion, one skill set)
HPS syndrome
Not part of a larger organization, individual covens
Seeker’s Bill of rights
No group making sure that the people teaching / running the coven know their shit

Solitary vs Coven
Books vs direct teaching

books to not listen to.

Please remember, as noted, this is the third time we tried to get this episode up, the first two two hour recordings didn’t work right, and this is the live attempt.


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