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Episode 12: On Books

Episode 12: On Books
Magical Musings
Magical Musings
Episode 12: On Books

Why books?

  • Avail 24/7
  • a bookmark lets you pick back up right where you stopped
  • Can have “lessons” many months apart
  • learn at your own pace.
  • adjusts to your schedule, not someone else’s
  • portable


  • only one way to learn, can’t try again if what you got is unexpected.
  • can’t ask it questions
  • “popular” books are not always “good” books

What makes a bad book?

  • Self-referencing
  • word count without saying much.
  • repeating the same statements over and over just worded differently
  • facts in error
  • pronouncment of items as though they are dictates from GOD
  • blurring the lines between fact and fiction
  • not sourcing things

Qualities of books that make it exceptional

  • Understanding that Wicca is not Paganism, and that the morals of Wicca are not pan-pagan
  • encouraging discovery through experimentation
  • explaining basic concepts, then moveing to advanced concepts
  • keeping personal bias out of the book
  • Having a large amount of knowledge of what came before, and acknowledging where they deviate from that
  • Willingness to say that thsi fact is based on research, and THIS fact is UPG


Advancing the Witches Craft By Lord Foxglove
Buckland’s Big Blue Book Buckland
The Compleat Witches Bible Janet and Stewart Farrar
Progressive Witchcraft Janet Farrar and Gavin Bone
Composing Magic By Elizabeth Barrette
Everyday Magic by Dorothy Morrison
Pagans and the Law Dana D Ellers
The Four Powers By Nicholas Graham
The Mysteries of Druidry By Brendan “Cathbad” Meyers
The Practical Pagan by Dana D. Eilers
The Wiccan Mystic By Ben Gruagach
The Witches’ Sabbats Mike Nichols
Wicca for One Buckland
Witchcraft; a Concice History Isaac Bonewitz
Wiccan Beliefs and Practices by Gary Cantrell

Not recommended

21 Lessons of Merlin
Grimoire for the Apprentice Wizard
Teen Witch
To Ride a Silver Broomstick
Harry Potter, Narnia, and the Lord of the Rings
The Origins of Modern Witchcraft


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