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November 27, 2017, 01:20:21 PM
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With the arrival of the "silly season", and an unfortunate surge in impulsive spending beyond available means sending suicide rates / attempted suicides skyrocketing, I've felt pulled very strongly back to Reiki, in my desire to help those affected with genuine concern. (flashback to my career path for context; I work in EMS)

After a close friend was admitted to a mental health clinic, and visiting them a few times, I've seen some very severely troubled people suffering from a variety of conditions; ADHD, Bipolar Disorder, Schizophrenia, Anxiety, Depression, and combinations of those, plus possibly worse. Having heard how one of the individuals had been struggling almost daily with suicidal tendencies, and being on suicide watch for nearly a week, I inquired and found he had voluntarily admitted himself for treatment - meaning, he is seeking help. (and anyone who wants help, may be receptive to Reiki)

This prompted me to reflect a bit, asking guidance, and the perception I received was that he would be willing to receive Reiki, and would benefit from it. After sending Reiki, and finding it well-received (it flowed like a river), I explored Google for some feedback and anecdotal experiences by mental health patients, as well as Reiki practitioners, and both seemed to indicate a genuine benefit from receiving Reiki over several treatments / sessions.

It has encouraged me once again to more pro-actively seek to offer and utilize Reiki where it is needed, accepted, and well received. Along my journey of spirituality, Reiki has been one of the strongest developers for me personally, with regard to insight, patience, peace, and clarity of thought - it truly has granted growth and healing, in so many facets of my life, and I can only extend my sincerest wishes that those who have an interest, or been attuned, to pursue healing and personal development through Reiki as a healing and spiritually enhancing modality.

 -- Seraphis