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May 21, 2017, 03:09:43 PM
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So, I've been doing a lot of Shadow-work, over the past X-number of months, and really trying to square-away some solid plans for my life.

It's the busy-season at work, so my schedule is all over the place, and I use my time to the best advantage, though I've been reading a lot, lately, on subjects like history, law, politics, and psychology, and thinking-over the nature of my spiritual life--inasmuch as I've concluded that, while I don't find it within to believe in spell-casting, there is a deep and profound magic to be found in Hermetic practices and the application of psychological principles.

I've laid-down my wand, for the time-being, so that I might pursue, more seriously, my desired career as a wood-carver (ultimately crafting furniture, toys and masks), drawing on First Nations and European influences, per my ancestry.

Though summer is a difficult time for me to develop much of a life, outside of increased responsibility and time spent at work, I intend to join a Toastmasters group, and a square-dancing club--perhaps even a curling-club--in the fall.

2017 has, thus far, been a time of setting priorities, rediscovering the passions which burn within, and embracing the Aries/Mars energy of my sun-sign, for the pursuit of new goals--rather, the vigorous aspiration toward old goals, whose positions on the horizon I had lost for so long.

I see that there has been little activity on MM, this year, and I hope everyone has found some new pursuits which are keeping them busy!

To own one's own shadow is to reach a holy place--an inner center--not attainable in any other way. (Robert A. Johnson)