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January 02, 2017, 03:24:03 AM
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Hello Gentle People !
 Its finally hitting me, I almost died.
Last May I went to the ER with pain in my whole abdomen.
The ER wasn't too busy cause it was May 5th (Mexican holiday)
anyway, they did all kinds of test. X-ray, injected dye in me and
took pics of my heart to rule it out. Did an ultrasound on my abdomen
and found gall stones, gall bladder not full but could still cause problems.
My ride wanted to get home before dark and I understood, they were done with me except
giving results, so we left. I must have passed a stone cause my belly felt better.
 A week later my Dr calls me to tell me I have a couple stones. So she sets me up
with a referral... I made appt, they rescheduled 3 times, refferal expired and I need
to apply for new one. Well I'm not going to that place if they did that. I felt mostly
better with a little abdominal discomfort now and then.
 A couple weeks later the discomfort got worse, I'd get up, come sit in my chair and
bend over laying on my thighs it would go away, after a few nights of this I decided
I'd go back to ER the next day.
 Sept. 22 I got up and the discomfort was intense and it wasn't easing up. I had a
thought and just to cover my butt I took an old nitro glycerine of hubby's. I wound up
taking 2 they were so old I had to smash it under my tongue just to feel it working at
all. Then I beat on the wall waking hubby. Ouch it hurt, still feeling it was gall bladder
I still had him take my blood pressure 157/109, okay call ambulance (only cause my
insurance pays for it!) Closest Hosp because of readings they got. By then across my
chest hurt, all across my shoulder blades hurt, and I couldn't stop throwing up ! Nurses
were wondering where all of that was coming from ! I went thru 7 bags...
With in 2 hours of arriving I was in a room getting a stint put in my artery. My main
artery was 100% blocked. I had a heart attack...
 My Mom passed in my house in 2013 from cancer, a few days before she passed
she had no energy to even wash up. When she passed I laid crying across her like
I could keep her here ! Anyway, she didn't stink per se' but there was a smell.
 The night I was having my heart attack, I smelled that same smell by my bed.
That's what made me get up, I knew it was Mom, but was she there to guide me
or push me ?
 May this new year bring you wisdom and the knowledge of how to use it !
 Gentle Rainbow Light

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