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December 24, 2016, 02:52:05 PM
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There are several movies I can remember seeing in childhood that likely inspired my fascination with magic and the occult, in which characters used charms, spells, and incantations to transform one thing/person to another, to summon beasts/spirits, and to enact changes in the story-worlds, but they seem to be less and less common in modern TV and movies--or is it just me?

Excalibur had the Charm of Making, Willow, its transformation charms, Dragonslayer, its various-and-sundry Latin incantations, and so-forth, down to Eragon, which drew on Old Norse, and then the Harry Potter franchise, with its short Latin commands.

Is it just me, or have movies simply gone from using inventively-composed spells, to a kind of point-and-click style of magic, where through simply waving a wand, or pointing a staff, a spell is cast? Am I just not looking in the right places?

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October 15, 2017, 08:08:36 AM
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You are right, I hadn't noticed. Then again I tend to watch older movies and shows, Charmed, Merlin, Practical Magic, etc Anything shown in todays shows involving witchcraft is kind of cringe-worthy.