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December 24, 2016, 02:32:39 PM
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I've mentioned it elsewhere on the forum, but I was first introduced to the notions and practices of energy-healing as a boy, when I would spend hours at the local library, poring over books in the metaphysical/new-age, psychology, paranormal, and healing sections. I experimented with Therapeutic Touch, crystal-healing, and other methods, and when I encountered the few books mentioning Reiki, I began to wonder what it would be like to become "certified" in the practice.

Not until I was an adult did I bother to sign-up for a level-one course, but while I enjoyed the small group I was working with, I was a bit dismayed that I was the only male in the class, and as we got further into the sessions, and were eventually given a sneak-peek into the second level of training, I began to realize that, though not certified in the tradition, I had already studied most of what would be discussed in advanced levels, as a teenager; hence, I chose not to continue my study, and saved myself a large sum of money, which I didn't feel I could fairly recoup by charging money to train others, had I attained Master level...

I've since left Reiki behind, in favour of other healing traditions, but I do think it's a decent introduction to many New-Age ideas and practices.

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