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I've had to be ruthless given the amount of spam we have been having recently.  Until further notice, registratons are closed, all members who had suspicious looking emails or who had an account that had never been on the site, has been summarily deleted.  I have also implemented CAPTCHA on the posts itself, and hopefully this will take care of the problem.  If you feel you have been caught in this unfairly, please email Joy on this site and I will evaluate this on a case by case basis.

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November 27, 2017, 01:20:21 PM by Seraphis
Views: 410 | Comments: 0

With the arrival of the "silly season", and an unfortunate surge in impulsive spending beyond available means sending suicide rates / attempted suicides skyrocketing, I've felt pulled very strongly back to Reiki, in my desire to help those affected with genuine concern. (flashback to my career path for context; I work in EMS)

After a close friend was admitted to a mental health clinic, and visiting them a few times, I've seen some very severely troubled people suffering from a variety of conditions; ADHD, Bipolar Disorder, Schizophrenia, Anxiety, Depression, and combinations of those, plus possibly worse. Having heard how one of the individuals had been struggling almost daily with suicidal tendencies, and being on suicide watch for nearly a week, I inquired and found he had voluntarily admitted himself for treatment - meaning, he is seeking help. (and anyone who wants help, may be receptive to Reiki)

This prompted me to reflect a bit, asking guidance, and the perception I received was that he would be willing to receive Reiki, and would benefit from it. After sending Reiki, and finding it well-received (it flowed like a river), I explored Google for some feedback and anecdotal experiences by mental health patients, as well as Reiki practitioners, and both seemed to indicate a genuine benefit from receiving Reiki over several treatments / sessions.

It has encouraged me once again to more pro-actively seek to offer and utilize Reiki where it is needed, accepted, and well received. Along my journey of spirituality, Reiki has been one of the strongest developers for me personally, with regard to insight, patience, peace, and clarity of thought - it truly has granted growth and healing, in so many facets of my life, and I can only extend my sincerest wishes that those who have an interest, or been attuned, to pursue healing and personal development through Reiki as a healing and spiritually enhancing modality.

 -- Seraphis
August 29, 2017, 11:37:55 PM by MsMollimizz
Views: 659 | Comments: 2

Gentle People...
 Lilly is a beautiful soul, 19yrs old in physical therapy on Army base in Ft Leonardwood, Mo
She got half way thru basic training come to find out her hip bones are cracked-both of them !
She has 2 weeks left to get better or she gets a medical discharge, she wants to stay in and
I heard tonight she's not going to tell them she's not feeling much better...
I am hoping/confident we can help heal her bones ! I visualized "painting" her hip bones with
calcium last night, I gave her 3 layers making sure to let each one dry before applying the
next layer. I also sent her a bubble with healing energy last night.
 I am hoping others can send healing light, healing energy, lighting a healing candle...etc.
I am hoping with all that's going on in the southern states, that some are not completely
involved to lend a hand and help keep my beautiful grand-daughter in the army. She may
have to change her "job"-and I hope she does (I can see her in my mind as a pilot).
 Any help you can lend would be very appreciated !      :pray:         Thank you in advance 
Gentle Rainbow Light

May 21, 2017, 03:09:43 PM by Brian
Views: 773 | Comments: 0

So, I've been doing a lot of Shadow-work, over the past X-number of months, and really trying to square-away some solid plans for my life.

It's the busy-season at work, so my schedule is all over the place, and I use my time to the best advantage, though I've been reading a lot, lately, on subjects like history, law, politics, and psychology, and thinking-over the nature of my spiritual life--inasmuch as I've concluded that, while I don't find it within to believe in spell-casting, there is a deep and profound magic to be found in Hermetic practices and the application of psychological principles.

I've laid-down my wand, for the time-being, so that I might pursue, more seriously, my desired career as a wood-carver (ultimately crafting furniture, toys and masks), drawing on First Nations and European influences, per my ancestry.

Though summer is a difficult time for me to develop much of a life, outside of increased responsibility and time spent at work, I intend to join a Toastmasters group, and a square-dancing club--perhaps even a curling-club--in the fall.

2017 has, thus far, been a time of setting priorities, rediscovering the passions which burn within, and embracing the Aries/Mars energy of my sun-sign, for the pursuit of new goals--rather, the vigorous aspiration toward old goals, whose positions on the horizon I had lost for so long.

I see that there has been little activity on MM, this year, and I hope everyone has found some new pursuits which are keeping them busy!
January 02, 2017, 03:24:03 AM by MsMollimizz
Views: 1332 | Comments: 2

Hello Gentle People !
 Its finally hitting me, I almost died.
Last May I went to the ER with pain in my whole abdomen.
The ER wasn't too busy cause it was May 5th (Mexican holiday)
anyway, they did all kinds of test. X-ray, injected dye in me and
took pics of my heart to rule it out. Did an ultrasound on my abdomen
and found gall stones, gall bladder not full but could still cause problems.
My ride wanted to get home before dark and I understood, they were done with me except
giving results, so we left. I must have passed a stone cause my belly felt better.
 A week later my Dr calls me to tell me I have a couple stones. So she sets me up
with a referral... I made appt, they rescheduled 3 times, refferal expired and I need
to apply for new one. Well I'm not going to that place if they did that. I felt mostly
better with a little abdominal discomfort now and then.
 A couple weeks later the discomfort got worse, I'd get up, come sit in my chair and
bend over laying on my thighs it would go away, after a few nights of this I decided
I'd go back to ER the next day.
 Sept. 22 I got up and the discomfort was intense and it wasn't easing up. I had a
thought and just to cover my butt I took an old nitro glycerine of hubby's. I wound up
taking 2 they were so old I had to smash it under my tongue just to feel it working at
all. Then I beat on the wall waking hubby. Ouch it hurt, still feeling it was gall bladder
I still had him take my blood pressure 157/109, okay call ambulance (only cause my
insurance pays for it!) Closest Hosp because of readings they got. By then across my
chest hurt, all across my shoulder blades hurt, and I couldn't stop throwing up ! Nurses
were wondering where all of that was coming from ! I went thru 7 bags...
With in 2 hours of arriving I was in a room getting a stint put in my artery. My main
artery was 100% blocked. I had a heart attack...
 My Mom passed in my house in 2013 from cancer, a few days before she passed
she had no energy to even wash up. When she passed I laid crying across her like
I could keep her here ! Anyway, she didn't stink per se' but there was a smell.
 The night I was having my heart attack, I smelled that same smell by my bed.
That's what made me get up, I knew it was Mom, but was she there to guide me
or push me ?
 May this new year bring you wisdom and the knowledge of how to use it !
 Gentle Rainbow Light

December 24, 2016, 02:52:05 PM by Brian
Views: 977 | Comments: 1

There are several movies I can remember seeing in childhood that likely inspired my fascination with magic and the occult, in which characters used charms, spells, and incantations to transform one thing/person to another, to summon beasts/spirits, and to enact changes in the story-worlds, but they seem to be less and less common in modern TV and movies--or is it just me?

Excalibur had the Charm of Making, Willow, its transformation charms, Dragonslayer, its various-and-sundry Latin incantations, and so-forth, down to Eragon, which drew on Old Norse, and then the Harry Potter franchise, with its short Latin commands.

Is it just me, or have movies simply gone from using inventively-composed spells, to a kind of point-and-click style of magic, where through simply waving a wand, or pointing a staff, a spell is cast? Am I just not looking in the right places?
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