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October 22, 2019, 03:41:15 AM by Seraphis
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Reflecting on one's own spiritual progress and development can appear such an achievement when looking back on the past and how far we have come.
The difficulties faced and challenges overcome, seem to be such grand achievements to have surpassed and to a degree, they are indeed noteworthy accomplishments.
However, the challenge remains in continuity. There is always room for progress, always room for growth, always room for development - an "endless evolution".

Where It Differs

If we were to contemplate the potential situation of spiritual development by country and culture, that "the same individual" exposed to different circumstances and upbringing would make different yet similar choices, the largest differences would be the "flavor" or variation of spirituality experienced and expressed.

Allow me to elaborate.

The vast differences in religious and spiritual paths lay almost exclusively seated in the cultural backgrounds and heritage of those who carry it forward; the methodologies and principles, the practices and prophecies, the ideas and taboos - those who "retain" the otherwise stagnating history of the past, carrying it forward, unchanging. There is no "perfect religion", nor is any religion fulfilled or complete - all things are fallible.

This brings us to the next point...

Conscious and Subconscious Choices and Decisions

With meditation and contemplation of the principles we practice, the values we uphold, the beliefs which guide us, and the example we set, there is always room for growth, even if it is not laid out before us in a book, a web forum, or in passing conversation.

The best things in life are free.

So, too, are the opportunities to commune with our higher selves, our subconscious, and our guides; by any other names, the "mysteries unseen". Verbalize in a place of privacy your reinforcement of desire to achieve a goal of personal development of some kind. "As if by magic" the wheels of progress can be sparked to life, turning at a great rate, merely by the choice and decision to advance yourself.

What's The Catch?

This is where words fail me... like so many examples before of "prerequisites" to be met before advancing, a requirement of spiritual advancement appears to be reaching milestones in our own personal development. The below illustration sufficiently explains the concept of development and paths by which we may achieve this:

Imagine you have to follow a single continuous sequence (this life); in doing so, you can go back, or reach some other points, but some you will surpass and not need to go back to

And you have probably wondered already, but can I not make my own route / path? Indeed, you most certainly can! And therein you find the essence of this lesson.

For myself, the contemplation of Reiki... a healing energy system on an otherwise "unobtainable" frequency, which without being directed to, I would not have understood. But in identifying and attaching description / name / words to it, I can repeatedly refer to, direct my understanding to, and utilize it (with attunement / exposure). (Show someone a thing, give it a name, and they will know what that thing "is") There are many other advanced energy systems or frequencies that exist and can be attuned / exposed to, which hitherto I believe, are poorly understood and perhaps worse explained - and presumably far less explored. As we explore these "impossibilities", and broaden our perspectives, we see far more and find how little we still know, despite our progress on the continuous path of enlightenment. The journey truly is more important than the destination.

Meditate, contemplate, reflect, and decide what you want to develop more. There is always more. Always.
March 19, 2019, 05:43:42 AM by Seraphis
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Are you special? Are you gifted? Are you actually normal?

To delve into the ideas along the arduous path of being "magical" and having "abilities", even if you're not entirely sure what they would be "labeled as", the important versatile aspects of our own perception of ourselves (the psyche) should be explored, and ultimately, accepted.

Nothing Special

Within the ambit of "normal society" and what is typically deemed rational, logical, scientific, and justifiable, there are still the abnormal, the gifted, the odd ones out - whether you think it applies to you or not, critical thought (free thinking and ability to question what you are taught / told, without blindly accepting it) tends to automatically classify you outside the regular "conformity" of most societies and conventional norms of behavior. The wonderful part of this is that anyone can be "different" and open their minds to new experiences, new thinking, new understanding. The strangest thing about being "strange" is that it is actually normal; it takes time, effort and awareness to get there, but once you are there, it is as attainable as nearly any other skillset (in your own way; with strengths and weaknesses alike), simply taking time to get there. It isn't a race; you will "get there" when you are ready. (and sometimes, not even realize how far you have come until even later)

I Don't Belong: I Build

From any point in your life, when you have reached your "breaking point", you might consider that the point of acceptance where you have decided to abandon the objective of conforming to society; whether it's your family, friends, work colleagues, or society as a whole. In a predominantly singular religion society, or one where expression of religion / spirituality is frowned upon, it can be challenging to explore, let alone practice new beliefs or paths. The good news is that you can build your own beliefs in your own way; whether trying to find a way others have chosen, or adapt from one you have opted to adhere to, perhaps until you are comfortable "just being yourself", or have found yourself content and committed in your new path. There is no single "right path" - a religion or spiritual system is a way of living, a way of believing, a way of growing. Choose what you feel fits you best, and never be afraid of change. Not because of pressure from others, not from repercussions, not from even the god/s themselves. You are a free willed living sentient being, with the capacity to create - the ability to build.

Breaking Point

For some, but not all, there are various points in their lives which act as the catalyst; the trigger, which was the last straw - the deciding factor in their decision to explore other paths, religions, spirituality, and magic / ESP. For examples sake, I'll highlight my own challenges in summary. I was raised Protestant Christian, and had several behavioral disorders - this made it challenging for myself and others around me. I also had a lot of empathy (clairempathic) and was a vivid dreamer (with plenty of nightmares and horrifying experiences with a ghost or two in my early years). Despite everything, I clung to Christianity and was as devout as possible until I turned 15/16. My life was miserable, things were falling apart, I wanted to die. No matter how much sense I tried to make of my empathy (clairempathy) and "weirdness", my connection and sensitivity to subtle "magic" energies, and conforming.. hoping.. praying.. it just got worse. I reached breaking point. I reached the point of "suicide or switching". I switched. I threw away Christianity and said "If all I get is suffering, then I'll go anywhere but here" and did a 180 turn straight to the opposite ideology; Satanism. And that was where I began reading, scary as it was. It opened the way to learning more, reading more, understanding more. It led me eventually to Wicca and Witchcraft, which was where I found my roots, my foundation, my stability. I was finally at peace internally, and my mental and spiritual state flourished.

Accountability to Yourself

With some of the changes in mindset, some find it difficult to hold themselves aligned to "discipline" or their "morals" and ethical values. The beauty is that you don't need religion or spirituality to be a good person, to follow good morals, or to cherish and uphold ethical values. If there is no "God" or "deity" in your belief system or life, you can still hold yourself accountable to... yourself! (Others' opinions may be fallible, but if you're being honest with yourself, YOU know what is right and wrong). I made a vow to never take my own life, despite the depression and perils I had been through, and I have stuck to that, and always will - life is short enough, precious enough, that once it is gone, "this life" is gone. Cherish the rarest of opportunities; to be alive, to be aware, to "be".

Forgiveness and Self-Admonishment

Accepting accountability for your own actions and responsibility, means not blaming others for your failures. Accepting responsibility means being able to fix things, to change things. Putting blame on others, gives them the power to change things, and takes that away from yourself. When owning up to mistakes, remember first and foremost: "To err is human, to forgive divine." Mistakes are how we learn. Without mistakes, there would be no learning. A perfect world would be imperfect. To expect perfection is unrealistic. We accept that we have made a mistake, we apologize, we work to learn from it and prevent it from recurring. If someone else wrongs us, they get what they deserve; have they shown remorse? Have they attempted to atone or apologize? Have they said nothing? I can accept that people may have a bad day, or have extreme differences of opinion, or even just be a general grouch / bully. I choose to disregard their lesser indiscretions and insults. It gives them power to "take in" what they say or do... but if it calls for it, I will defend myself, I will retaliate, and I will stand up for myself - because I protect what is precious to me; and I value my self. (Forgiveness isn't automatic, and not everyone deserves it - you can also choose to not forgive, but not hold resentment or a grudge. Acknowledge the other person's fault, and accept that it happened. Move on. Being stuck burdened by hate or grudges or resentment only hinders you.)

A Wise Woman Once Said

"The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched - they must be felt with the heart." -- Helen Keller

With meditation, mental and emotional growth, spiritual development, and open thought, we find new perspectives and ideas about the world, others, and ourselves. We change what we can, within reason, and accept what we cannot change. If it is harmful or hurtful, and cannot be resolved, remove yourself from the situation. The situation may be a problem, but without any recourse of the problem through conventional or magical means, there is no value in giving thought, stress, or more attention to it. We must always strive to know ourselves; strengths, weaknesses, what we love and what we hate, and accept that "this is who I am", no matter what anyone else thinks or says. You are a complete person; good, bad, and everything inbetween.

Tell Me I'm Beautiful

The value we place on others' opinions of us, our actions, our choices, our existence, should never exceed the value we place in ourselves and the confidence we have in our autonomy / independence to act in our own right. I've spoken to psychiatrists, psychologists, friends, family and strangers... talking about your feelings, your concerns, your ideas, are good ways to verbalize and visualize your perspective on the world. Even writing them down or recording your voice and listening to yourself (do a Q&A with yourself about things that bother you) and see what you can change / uncover. You'd be amazed what you can learn from yourself. Some people prefer to talk to the mirror, the walls, imaginary friends, to "hear their thoughts aloud" and once spoken, reflect on it. One of my acquaintances had discussions with servitors (intellectual gentlemen) and garnered "mental impressions" of what the responses were (not literally hearing voices or replies). The validation and justification you may seek or desire, comes most strongly from loving and accepting yourself, and doing what you can to better become what you admire and aspire to.  (It is not selfish; it is kind and caring to support yourself) True beauty is self-acceptance and self-love.

Use What Works for You

A fork isn't great for cutting food, so why would you try use something not fit for purpose? Psychology deals a lot with exploring the cause of internal discord, discomfort, and discontent, then seeking different "formulas" or strategies as a remedy. Assess, orient, decide on course, start course, observe results, adjust if / as needed. Self-care helps to an extent, but major psychological disturbances can sometimes be better handled by professionals, but remember - even they are human. Even they are not perfect. Never put anyone above you, nor empower them so much, that they control your life. Ultimately, the counsel and advice of others (professional or otherwise) is optional for you to accept or adapt. Use what works for you. (You needn't "discard the rest"; acknowledge it, and let it fall by the wayside. No need to burden yourself with over-thinking on anything that is not useful or helpful).

I Accept Myself and My Weirdness

Make peace with what you find is a part of you. Depression and anxiety are things which can be remedied in some cases with therapy, medication, and some lifestyle adjustments. There is no shame in seeking help, health, and improvement. I didn't know I had anxiety until someone mentioned it, despite having a suspicion of it - loss of enjoyment in things, loss of motivation, lack of interest in things. I went on medication (SSRI's) with some guidance from my doctor and the world is colorful again, fun again, full of things I enjoy again, and the stress is largely gone. Serotonin deficiency isn't something I could "see" but it did affect me, and after that small adjustment, my life is really going well again. I don't feel stigma or scrutiny, even if others might react excessively (often out of ignorance or lack of understanding), because I know that I have done something that has helped me and improve my life. Weird as I may be, I still accept all of me.

Whether clairempathy, clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, claircognizance, clairgustance, clairessence - or anything not defined by conventional ESP or psychic terminology - the gifts we possess, develop, or explore, are not burdens or curses. They are parts of us, which anyone has the potential to develop, and should be accepted as normal, because we are such strange and wonderful beings - Unlimited potential, inhabiting physical forms... psychic.
March 16, 2019, 03:04:26 PM by Seraphis
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If you hadn't heard of it before, you'll likely be interested to learn a little more about Brainwave Entrainment.

For a good long time, it's been relatively common knowledge that the Earth's "resonance" in the low end is 7.83 Hz (wikipedia).

Listening to the frequency can gradually "tune" the brainwave frequencies to slightly altered states and affect your waking conscious perception (your thought patterns, your mindset, your mood, etc.). There exist several software programs such as Noramaa's Brainwave Generator (no longer under project development, if I recall correctly) and plenty of samples exist on YouTube and the internet at large. (different frequencies, different outcomes!)

From meditation, to emotional calm, to raising energy, improving focus / learning, healing, and even "improving psychic capabilities".

With this, some people tend to find they are with time, able to hear different "sounds" (high pitched / low pitched / etc.), or even note differences in "pressures" which they couldn't before. A similar principle exists in "harmonizing" yourself with other energies (attuning yourself to them) or meditating with / on them.

Has anyone used Brainwave Entrainment audio clips / soundwave generators for experimental or spiritual purposes? Feel free to add your experiences and feedback!
March 15, 2019, 06:31:23 PM by Seraphis
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The topic might seem taboo, or selfish and ego-fuelling... but it works and has it's merits in many applications.

If you're familiar with energy work (I posted a fairly lengthy overview thread of that a very short time ago), you might also be familiar with.. well, familiars.

Spirit familiars might be actual entities, but if you haven't found one, or it hasn't found you... you could create one! (among other things)

What is a servitor?

Essentially a servant.. an energy creation of your doing which fulfills one or more roles / purposes.

What kind of roles / purposes?

Protection from malicious spirits (ghosts), wealth / luck / opportunity attraction, personal inspiration / insight, proxy healing and spiritual development, and if you wanted, even companionship. (the latter of which won't be covered beyond that, for obvious reasons)

Can we get an example?

One of my best long-time friends had a haunting at the flat they rented about 8 years ago. I was living a town away, and the best I could do was magic at a distance. My "summon" was a large pure white wolf of energy (servitor / energy construct) created for the purpose of protecting the target from any malicious / negative / harmful / baneful spirits or entities. The problem was bizarre, in that, the cutlery drawers of the friend would open in the night and some cutlery move into odd positions... which I thought ludicrous and impossible; I thoroughly disbelieved the entire notion as attention-seeking, until I had slept over at a later stage. (more on that shortly)

The bizarre part was, I didn't say what I was doing, and the friend went to sleep again, and slept soundly without interrupt and no longer the feeling of a malicious presence "standing next to the bed". They asked me (I can't remember when) "is the white wolf yours?" and I said yes, and they apparently sensed / noticed the pale energy outline "patrolling" around the bed slowly, and it apparently didn't seem malicious or scary. Cut back to the ghost, when I slept over the one night, I thought a burglar was breaking in, and the friend's dog yelped in terror in the kitchen when the ghost did who-knows-what. The drawer was open and I heard cutlery rustling, whilst standing not even 3 feet away; nothing and nobody else in the kitchen. I did a very extensive banishing ritual and even verbally confronted the ghost directly; eventually it was cleared up - haven't had any big hauntings like that again, but it was really shocking to the core. (I honestly doubted ghosts / spirits could do things; that it was fabricated or imagined... not so)

Any Ideas to Start?

Create and form an energy box for healing; a little energy "jewellery box" to put somewhere, or "glue" to a wall, that will heal all occupants at "level 10 healing for 2 weeks" or whatever concept you would find suitable. Or one to help increase your spiritual intuition or energy levels. Perhaps a small pet / animal to "scout" an area and try perceive what they perceive; or let them "relay" it to your mind ("telepathically" with the servitor).

How to delete / scrap it?

Terminating is also relatively easy, much as is unbinding / un-summoning the ritual so to speak. Thank the servitor if you wish, picture the dissolving of the form and function, and the dissipation of energy (let is disperse, or re-absorb it, optionally with filtering). Some practitioners may become emotionally attached or come to rely on their servitor/s and opt to rather maintain them long-term and replenish them over time. That is also an option, but important to reinforce core functions and change any "external influence" which may possibly arise. If you make something and it's hard to break / get rid of it, you can always make a spell or ritual to cleanse or banish it - but usually it's hard to make something that can get out of control, so to speak. Just be clear about the instructions and if you want, "lock / restrict" any edits or adjustments to it from external influence. (yes, it is very much like creating a program or robot)

Perceiving Servitors vs. Other Non-Physical Things

The weird thing about them is that they can be perceived almost as "spirits", because they're made of subtle energies. Most often they are imbued with the personal energy of the creator, and thus have an "energy signature" from which you could get an "impression" from, eg. ask yourself "who does it belong to?" or "who made it?" and often your subconscious will bring something to mind - the first thing to pop into your mind. That can sometimes help clarify - yes, using intuition and sixth sense - if something is a servitor, or a spirit / entity.

Closing: Not Everything is Ethereal

As always, remember, magic and energy are still subsequent to the laws of physics, nature, and a sufficient degree of logic (even in the abstract). Anticipate mundane causes behind possible energy perceptions; not everything is magical. Furthermore, servitors can do things, so can we; but don't expect the impossible, don't make them do things you wouldn't want someone else to ask you to do, and be thankful if they do what you want them to. You could very well be giving "life" to your servitor; even if only for a short time - cherish it.

Input, feedback, comments and suggestions are always welcome.
March 15, 2019, 05:25:15 PM by Seraphis
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Frustration is an understatement when it comes to comprehension of the poorly discussed, and often poorly understood concept of "energy" (subtle energy). There are far too few easily comprehended introductory or explanatory guides that delve into the simple aspects of "what it is, where it is, how to sense it, how to use it, etc."

"Is it one single thing? Do some sense it differently? Are others able to manipulate it / use it in ways we hadn't contemplated?"

Slow down!!

Let's break this up into quick bite-size bits to help practitioners, new and old alike, make sense of the "stuff" that is a simple aspect of humankind, yet mysterious because we are largely so ignorant of it.

The Stuff of Science Fiction

One of my fastest explanations in the basic introduction to "energy" is that on a very base level, everything is interconnected; by atoms, by particles, by the quarks and even tinier virtually non-existent minuscule existences of matter and forces. Do you think "nano" is tiny? There are even smaller units... and that is where we start understanding that things, as interconnected, and sometimes even permeating (passing through / blending in) exist. This is "reality" as we perceive it with our limited senses; we cannot sense every particle, every atom, every individual thing - to the tiniest imaginable force. However, the good news is, we can become more aware, and more in tune with various types of energies, and learn to direct, infuse, imbue, channel, or utilize them. At least, the subtle energies which are able to be manipulated. (we can't very well transform dirt into gold!) ESP (Extra-Sensory Perception)? It's that, and a bit more. Just be sure to rule out mundane origins before assuming magical origins.

It Began with a Whisper

The first step towards awareness of energy is usually meditation; the quiet, calm, peaceful "alone-ness" and lack of focus on anything specific, gives you more time to become more aware of yourself, and what you feel. As you become more aware of your breathing, your body temperature, your own heartbeat and the blood coursing through your veins, you will also begin sensing the fine tingling and sensations of nerves throughout your body... and after that point, things start getting interesting. The gentle movement of air can feel like a cool or warm "mass" moving lightly, almost intangibly (nearly without noticing), across your skin. It might be an air pocket, it might be a tiny draft of temperature change... but the subtlety is similar to when you are first beginning to sense subtle energy / energies.

Acknowledging Varieties (The Vagaries of Magic)

What is (subtle) energy anyway? If I had to describe it, my personal experience puts it down to the "stuff" (gooey.. runny.. light.. or sticky!) which are largely naturally occurring forces / latent resonances. The word "resonance" or "frequency" is extremely important, because so much of the concept and understanding relates to spectrum (high, medium, low, etc.) and funny enough, other concepts like positive and negative (+ / - ) similar to electrical charges.

Still too vague? It would be.

"Energy" is an umbrella term. It is a blanket word to describe it all; psy / psi, ki / chi, prana, Reiki, magick, ether / aether, force, bioenergy, energy, etc.

The variations exist in subtle and not-so-subtle variations in "frequency" and to an extent, amplitude. Higher "divine" energies such as Reiki, are distinctly refined and healing / enlightening, with a strange sub-function whereby it "stops" / "shuts off" when negative and harmful intentions are willfully present (you are trying to curse someone with Reiki... the flow dissipates.. it vanishes, until a short while after you stopped). People call Reiki an intelligent energy? It may be more fundamental to the nature thereof. It cannot interact / deteriorate to lower frequencies. Don't know about it? Google! Ask any Reiki practitioner! There are some fun tests about trying to use Reiki and thinking "hateful" thoughts, and getting cut flowers in a vase to last longer than flowers without Reiki - and the results are clear; somehow, it really works.

Chi / ki (personal energy) may derive from the chakras (energy meridians) in the unique ways where your energy flow, emotions, mental state, spiritual development, etc. have influenced the frequency and "overall composition" (the mixture of what it is comprised of), which is often as unique as your own fingerprints! It can and does change depending on your emotional state, cleansing, meditation, exercise, etc. - and it can be willfully altered, to an extent. This is what most people use to interact with the other energy around them; to grab it, harness it, direct it, and to "interact" with it. (like a keyboard on a computer) - more about this at a later time and date.

Basically, it's how you get used to interacting with subtle energy / energies in their various types and forms. Remember to ground and shield.

Practical Exercise - Try This!

Getting eager? Not too good. Calm down. Breathe slowly. In through the nose, out through the mouth. :)

I found this method easiest for me personally, but feel free to add your own, or adapt as needed:


Assuming you've done some meditation exercises at some point, you might be more able to sense this when you start noticing it:

1. Sit comfortably, remove distractions, preferably be alone away from people or other possible "scientific / logical / mundane" explanations.
2. Hold both your hands palms facing up, in your lap (cupped in one another if you wish) - sit for a minute or two like this, focusing on the sensation of your hands / blood flow / pulse / just what you "sense" in general.
3. Separate your hands, place the idle one loosely on your leg, and your dominant hand in front of you, still resting lightly in your lap (not lifted), palm facing up and open.
4. Time to visualize! I chose a citrus fruit, like a small orange, and imagine the feel, size, smell, weight in my dominant hand (palm face up, slowly moving my fingers to the position as if I were holding it there)
5. First, for a few times, slowly "squeeze" / "crush" the imaginary citrus fruit in that dominant hand. Notice how the muscle feel, in your fingers, in your hand, in your forearm, in your upper arm, in your shoulder...
6. Now, the hard part! Keep your hand open in the "holding orange" position, where your fingers are lightly wrapped around it.. and use your mental willpower and concentrate, that you "are" squeezing / crushing the orange as hard as you can but - AND HERE'S THE CATCH - without tensing, moving, contracting, tightening ANY MUSCLES AT ALL.
7. After a lot of time and effort, you might notice it's extremely difficult... but that you can also feel "energy" flowing as you "try crush" and "relax" the force / willpower.
8. Even after 10 practice sessions, you might not "feel it yet" but keep trying, because it might be easier for some than others; the key is practice.

Again, this takes practice, and a lot of discipline to notice any tiny muscle changes anywhere in your body. 100% physical relaxation, 100% mental focus! You may sense it as a tingling "blob" similar to a sludgy liquid, or flowing lightly. You can use your mental focus to direct it from anywhere; hands, fingers, toes, etc. - but once you sense it, you start realizing what "it" is" - personal energy.

For most people:
Does it deplete quickly? YES!
Does it cause "ache" (almost like muscle burn / ache from exercising too hard) when you try use too much? YES!
Does it replenish gradually, and are there ways to boost capacity? YES!
Does it make me special? Sort of. ;)


Close your eyes and lightly sway your body in a seated position to the left, then the right - swaying left and right, repeatedly for a short while.
Now, still with eyes closed, remain still and "mentally" move yourself left and right and try sense the same perception of "moving" slightly left and slightly right "out" of your body.
Try it when you're about to walk around a corner - extend your energy / presence forward, sensing, feeling, as if you were already leaning forward; when practiced, this can help feel if someone or something is around a blind corner. (Side Tip: ALWAYS TRUST YOUR GUT INSTINCTS! THEY ARE STRONG AND RARELY WRONG!)

N.B. Always remember to GROUND when done to avoid too much burnout.

What Can I Use It For?

Practice! Try project / push energy, move it around, see if an open-minded / like-minded friend can feel it, try sense and draw or push energy into or out of natural things like plants or rocks. (rather not animals, due to ethical considerations, but try sense their energy if they seem friendly enough). You need to exercise your senses to become better at it.

Now that you've started exploring the "sensation", it's time for some "creation"!

Basic shielding: Use your wand / tools or hands to "weave" a sphere of energy around you, or a circle on the ground for shielding - or circle work
Basic grounding: "Feel" your energy extending down into the Earth when grounding and push excess energy down into the ground to feel more solid and stable
Basic magic (with energy): Amplify your spells by pushing energy (with intention / willpower) or pushing it out your hands or tools to add it to your magic
Basic energy manifestations / constructs: Like the "citrus fruit" you tried squeezing earlier, vividly picture or imagine a small crystal or box or gadget with a very specific function and give extra focus on the detail - it's colour, weight, shape, size, add smell if you want.. and "build it", place it somewhere, let it do something; a "remote sensor" that lets you sense when someone is near it, a "black heavy box" to practice lifting and moving with energy, a "round blob" to throw at the wall and perceive mentally how it slides down the wall.. and there are more complex things later! (servitors, "quantum function units", imbued energy constructs, etc.).

Be warned... if you start doing harmful things, expect things to backfire. Bigtime. (Pro tip; Don't do it) Justifiable harm (justice) is different from malicious hateful / petty harm. (The road to hell is paved with good intentions) - don't do anything you don't truly believe it 100% completely justified, and you are willing to accept the repercussions if you're wrong. :)

What happens later?

When you've practiced expanding your "well" or "capacity" (like a battery that you've kept draining, which keeps refilling) you've dug the well deeper and increased your energy capacity. Your energy conduits and vessels can sustain and support larger amounts to a moderate level.. but you're not quite at huge levels yet. This is where variety helps, and things like Reiki, which can greatly enhance your energy capacity and personal development... but all with their own specific rewards and risks. "Dark" energy feels bad, it's heavy, it's hot, it's hateful at times and hard... but easiest to sense. When someone is furious at you, you can have your eyes closed, you can "FEEL" the pressue.. the tension.. the directed force. Similarly with love, a strong desire or care, you can "FEEL" the attraction, the magnetic pull from them, the "cling" and "drawing care". Emotions are charged with energy (or vice versa!) which can be quite tangible at times.


As you work, you need to filter (like water) the "dirt". That means when you're absorbing / redirecting energy, rather mentally pass it through a sieve / filter to remove impurities, negativity, etc. - when doing basic healing, removing the bad stuff from someone else, can absorb it to your own energy (pass it through a filter before you take your energy back, then mentally discard the filter afterwards), and the applications are vast. Different frequency energies can also be "filtered" to slightly higher or lower, or "cleaner versions" of themselves. (almost like an electrical voltage converter?)


Later you're making servitors and "summoned animals" to help you in your craft, to do weird and creative things - enhance your musical talent, provoke deeper thought, inspire you to paint a masterpiece, to spar you magically (eg. create time limited "mini goblin enemy to attack you for 5 minutes" then evaporate, to feel what magic attack might feel like), to influence weather, to improve plant growth, to safeguard your hearth and home, to ward off negative entities / energies, etc. - and even remote applications! Some people can sense / feel energy over distance (from behind a PC screen / chatroom / etc.); be careful about how and to whom you project lots of energy.

Plenty of the practical aspects involve either mentally guiding, pushing, or weaving energy to do the "intended" (willpower!) function. Whether it's throwing energy at someone (willingly compliant), creating a pet to guard your bed / room / house, calling a breeze of wind in the trees with energy, etc. you can explore all kinds of applications, and particularly ones which might interest you (or be more effective, than others).

The energy variations are almost limitless; I've made Reiki healing stations (little octagonal boxes.. "magical constructs" I suppose) as constructs of energy, then attuned to Reiki, and "programmed" to heal the area / cleanse the area for an amount of time. They're quite effective, and that is the simple result of experimentation and open-mindedness! (Side Note: Reiki, being so "high up" on the frequency list, is hard to connect to without being in tune / attuned; some energies take a LONG time or a LOT of effort to come in tune with - able to utilize / channel / interact with - for some cases, you can receive attunements from people who are in tune with said energy frequencies, but the concept is - in most socially accepted circles - almost exclusively limited to minor Reiki variations; slight adjustments / filtrations, which don't change the fundamental energy) ::)

Closing: What Religious or Spiritual Path is This?


Sensing and using energy is about as natural as breathing; anyone and everyone can do it, even if some take longer than others to notice it. Most energies are natural and many are neutral; what you do with them determines if it's "good or bad".

The "long forgotten" aspects of humanity that we have grown to ignore in societies focused on the material, are still very much there, despite a lack of attention being given to them. Explore your inner self, explore your energy, explore the world from a new perspective; one with energy.

** N.B. No, this does not mean you can move things with your mind, set fire to random objects, levitate, or mentally see through solid objects - you may be more intuitive, more likely to succeed at some things beyond "reasonable statistical odds" or even some other bizarre things, but basic logical and scientific principles still rule reality as we know it, so don't get your hopes up for super powers. Always rule out MUNDANE causes instead of assuming MAGICAL causes. At best, you'll be more able to engage with the subtle energies around you. (And please, don't get tricked or lured into stupid "witch war" nonsense or propaganda; anyone advocating that rubbish is deluded; stick to your own thing and you should be fine)

Feel free to add your personal experiences, opinions, input, etc.

P.S. Some of the concepts discussed may form the basis of topics of discussion in more advanced theory and practice at a later stage.
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