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First Broadcast

Okay, I’m announcing that myself and Brian of Woodwose Radio are collaborating on a new podcast called Magical Musings.


Our inaugural episode is going to be about Druidism and will be talking about the site, the podcast and more.  This is a continuation of our show Tarot Talk, and will have the same trademark segue into all other topics showing that all things are interconnected.

Want to hear the podcast live?  http://www.blogtalkradio.com/woodwose is where it will be first.  We will be starting at 9PM Eastern Time, so please adjust for your local time zone.

The episode will be reposted to http://magicalmusings.net right after the show is over, so only a two hour delay.

We want this to be the Go-To reference for discussions about the Paganism 201, 301 and further information that just isn’t in the books.

So come on, join us.



Joy is a Seax-Wican Priestess, a Druid and a Witch. She owns Erin's Journal and is present on a lot of places, most notably Tumblr, Dreamwidth and some email forums. She's co-host of Magical Musings podcasts.

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