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Don’t draw it

Had a situation on the New Year that I thought you might like to hear about.

Tl;dr, a friend of a friend was having problems with some spirits in her house.  They were frightening her 3 year old.

Turns out, the spirits were there only because the mother thought they should be.

See, she *knew* something was wrong.  She *knew* she was having problems with spirits.  She *knew* her 3 year old was being bothered by those same spirits.  So, +POOF+ the universe provided that for her.

Any time you have things happening to you, around you, or whatever, understand that are *probably* not being attacked by an outside force.  Occam’s Razor cuts very fine here.  Don’t assume an attack where there is no evidence of one.  And then check to see if you are drawing it to you, either through your actions or your *knowing* that something is wrong.

I was able to fix it, but that mother turned what should have been a very minor problem that would have corrected itself into a situation that she couldn’t handle anymore because she was being stupid.


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