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Another delay

You know, for being Nature Venerating, there’s days were I absolutely HATE Nature.

About a week ago I got some sort of thing where I cough and can’t talk.  I had to take time off my brand new job to be sick and cough up more and more crap.  So now it’s Wednesday and I’m still having trouble talking for long periods of time, which is ironic since that’s what I do for a living.

Yule Show is up!

Well, it was a good show.  Live and it went out on Blog Talk Radio, and is now available here.

The site has the links and the items that we were discussing in the show.

A few announcements.

  1. For the new year we are moving the show off BlogTalkRadio completely as a cost saving measure, as well as we are not needing things like the live chatroom or the call in number.  So as a result of that why should we pay for features that we don’t use?

Format change

In discussion, and given that I just got a new job and Brian has HIS job to deal with as well, we are changing from weekly to Bi-Weekly, or every other week.  Instead of 52 episodes a year, you will be getting 26.

Don’t worry, we will still adhere to our broadcast schedule, but this will also allow us to get more of our “crap” together and bring you better shows.

So, keep tuned in and we’ll still be here.

(Oh, this means no show tonight, but one next week.)

Because of the technical glitches

Brian and I have decided to move the show from this evening (Thursday 21 November 2013)  to this Saturday (23 November 2013) at the same time, 8PM Eastern Time.

This will give us time to get the technical glitches locked up and tossed out of a Dreamliner and hear back from some sources that we have contacted to try to get this resolved.  We thank you all for your patience and ask that you tune in on Saturday and listen to the show.

Sorry about the delay.

Canceling show

Unfortunately, Brian got sick and his throat is swollen up so much he can’t talk.  So the show that was scheduled for Thursday 14 November 2013 must be canceled and the topic rescheduled.

Don’t worry, we will get our discussion of Mythology and Storytelling done in the future.

Join me in sending energy to Brian for a speedy recovery.

First Broadcast

Okay, I’m announcing that myself and Brian of Woodwose Radio are collaborating on a new podcast called Magical Musings.

Our inaugural episode is going to be about Druidism and will be talking about the site, the podcast and more.  This is a continuation of our show Tarot Talk, and will have the same trademark segue into all other topics showing that all things are interconnected.

Want to hear the podcast live? is where it will be first.  We will be starting at 9PM Eastern Time, so please adjust for your local time zone.