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Begging apparently works

Just got this email from a listener. Because I don’t have her permission to include her name, I”m just posting the content.

It’s notes like this that make it worthwhile to Brian and I

I’m so glad magical musings has put up some podcasts on iTunes again. I really enjoyed the dragon episode. I don’t usually contact anyone by email but since you wanted to know if anyone is listening – I am. I really get a lot out of the podcast since I am a baby book witch. As you know the books are pretty bare bones and the podcasts help me see how paganism can really be a life path. In the area where I live in South Dakota there aren’t many pagans out of the closet so I don’t really have contact with others. That is why your podcast means so much to me. I was thinking I was going to have to get most of my more advanced knowledge through UPG (which was a term I did not know before). I know there are probably various online courses I could take but I haven’t decided to take that step yet. I am still in an information gathering mode. I don’t trust everything that I see on the internet or read in the books. I still have some left over control issues from my trying to be Christian days too so I am not willing to look for a formal teacher yet. I would be interested in learning anything about familiars or spirit helpers if that is something you deal with. Information on the other traditions like the one you did on the Northern Tradition are very interesting to me too. I learn a lot from every podcast and am saving them and listening to them multiple times. I want to thank both you and Brian for doing this and hope you can keep up with it. I’m leaving a donation too.


Joy is a Seax-Wican Priestess, a Druid and a Witch. She owns Erin's Journal and is present on a lot of places, most notably Tumblr, Dreamwidth and some email forums. She's co-host of Magical Musings podcasts.

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